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Fall Prevention

Published 01-04-2017 in

Winter can be challenging for all of us, from snow packed sidewalks to ice covered parking lots.  Here are some tips to prevent a fall this season!

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The Healing Power of Pets

Published 07-11-2016 in

Having a pet around can provide companionship and comfort but may even provide some health benefits for seniors.  At Proctor Place, even your furry friends are welcome to move-in with you. 

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Socializing: Another Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

Published 06-13-2016 in

Shrinking social networks can be a normal part of the aging process.  And unfortunately, loneliness is a risk factor for both functional decline (mental and physical) as well as an early death.  In this article, there are several tips on how to expand your social circle, late in life. 

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Sleep Changes in Aging Adults

Published 05-02-2016 in

Our sleep needs do not change during adulthood, they tend to remain constant.  What may change over time is our sleep patterns and even our sleep habits.

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