Share Your Story with Us

There is a certain joy that can be found in sharing the memories of your experiences with others. At Proctor Place we are interested in hearing your story. This is why we encourage all our residents to join our MyStories group.

In June of 2009, Bill Sprick and Barbara Quickstad, both Proctor Place residents, embarked on a new endeavor.   The mission was to create a continuous writing program giving our residents the opportunity and format to regularly share, in bits and pieces, their personal true short stories.  Writing a complete chronological life story is an intimidating task.  This format allows our residents to write short stories about their lives that can be shared with others. 

The MyStories program is a huge success! 

Twice a month the group meets to share the stories they have written.  The object is to write short stories that have a beginning and an ending about interesting life experience.   Stories are often funny, but many times they can be serious and bring tears to everyone’s eyes.  The participants are instructed to focus on the story and not to worry about grammar, punctuation, or spelling.  The objective is to concentrate on the content and share life experience with others. What a great gift to share with family and an excellent way to link one generation to another. 

Residents are encouraged to provide a copy of the stories for our library so that other residents are able to enjoy them.  Writing is an excellent way to reminisce and remain mentally active.   MyStories is just one of the many programs that make Proctor Place a special place to live.  As one resident stated, “We reminisce, regenerate, record and recite and in doing so we are rejuvenated.”

Our residents are proud to share some of their stories with you: 

  • Climbing the Windmill

    A mother’s fear teaches son a lesson.

    By Erma Walters

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  • Is It or Isn’t It?

    A suprise that brings back good memories.

    By Emily Rosenak

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  • My Unforgetable Uncle Bill

    A favorite uncle & wonderful childhood memories.

    By Marilyn Stamerjohn

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  • MyStories Poem

    Old stories become new again in MyStories.

    By Bill Sprick

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  • The Great Depression

    Living through the depression, living off their faith in God.

    By Barbara Quickstad

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  • Birthday Cake

    Learning to never speak out before knowing the facts.

    By Barbara Quickstad

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