Bridge Club

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Bridge Club

Bridge Club Brings Friends Together and Promotes Mental Health

Playing bridge is good for you! It increases brain activity, which can help delay the onset of dementia.

Some studies even suggest the skills used to play bridge can help stimulate the immune system, and help fight off infections. Beyond that, playing bridge will keep you connected with old friends, and meet new ones.

This is exactly what Clark Seppelt has experienced. Clark and Barb Seppelt were familiar with Proctor Place in 2001 when they moved in. Barb’s stepmother had lived here for 11 years. After countless visits, they remained impressed with the warm and caring environment found at Proctor Place. When they were ready for a senior living community, the decision was easy. Proctor Place was the only option. They've been busy enjoying independent living ever since.

They both stay busy and for Clark that means managing the Proctor Place Bridge Club. The Bridge Club started in the early 1980s and continues strong today. Although Clark mostly enjoys having peace of mind with guaranteed healthcare and the great food at Proctor Place, Bridge Club isn't far behind! He knows the camaraderie of the group is probably the most pleasurable part of being a member of the bridge club.

There's a table waiting for you, come join us today.