Alzheimer's Care

Special Care for Residents With Alzheimer's Disease

Identifying and caring for the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease is something the Proctor Place team takes seriously. We know growing older often brings challenges with memory loss and confusion.

We work closely with our residents and their families to watch for early signs of Alzheimer's disease to start important conversations and intervention early. We are here to keep you safe, secure, and independent. When daily tasks become difficult or confusing, we are here to help:

  • Run errands
  • Sort through mail and bills
  • Schedule appointments
  • Understand and use medications
  • Keep track of reminders

Our team is highly experienced and skilled in helping people move through the stages of Alzheimer's disease with grace and dignity. Because our personnel know our residents by name and understand each person's unique situation, we all keep an eye out for anyone who may need help.

If it becomes necessary to transition to our Shepherd’s Way Healthcare Center for advanced Alzheimer's care, our residents find the familiar setting makes the transition easier. Also, with our on-site Shepherd’s Way Healthcare Center, residents can continue to participate in many of the activities they have enjoyed while living independently at Proctor Place.