Take a Look Around

Pick up the phone and schedule a visit to the options you’re considering. Just like when you purchase a home, it’s important to look around a little before making a final decision.

As a family member, you can help by tagging along on these tours, and helping sort out the details. We believe there are two ways that family members are helpful during on-site tours.

Help Keep Track of the Details

Be a note taker for your parent and later, explain the different options each community offered. Touring, meeting lots of new people and being inundated with information can be overwhelming! Write down the details and keep track of the differences to review later, while your parent soaks up the environment and meets friendly faces.

Make it Fun

Help your parent by pointing out the fun and excitement of living in an active retirement community. Keep him or her focused on the positive. If it seems impossible to convince your parent that moving into a senior living community could be fun, we offer a handful of reasons Proctor Place is simply fun.

Customize and personalize your room

It may have been years since they were able to paint the rooms in their home or to buy new carpet and cabinets, but moving into Proctor Place allows them to customize the room to their preferences. He/she will be allowed to select the color for each of the rooms to really make the place feel like home. If selecting all of the details is something your parent might worry about we do also provide assistance in selecting colors and finishes. We are happy to look at some of the items you plan to bring with you and assist in picking the colors that will look just right with all of your things.

Choose a furnished housing unit

Proctor Place makes the move easier by offering furnished units. Move right in and only bring favorite items to sprinkle into a newly furnished apartment. If making decisions about which couch to bring or where a large bookcase will fit doesn’t appeal to you and your parent, a furnished housing option is likely perfect.

Leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else.

Most of our parents grew up with a long list of household chores that only became more difficult each year. Moving to Proctor Place means leaving the chores behind. We’ll even work with your parent so she can keep the household tasks she enjoys while we take care of the rest.

Enjoy endless activities here.

Most senior living options should offer a long list of activities. Whether it’s a game of cards with friends or dancing, there is something for everyone at Proctor Place. This is especially important for those who no longer drive. Staying active is important. In addition to endless activities, we offer several daily exercise classes. We believe in and take seriously the importance of staying active.