Help Your Parents Decide

Help Your Parents Decide

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Deciding to move into a senior living community is not always easy. Knowing when the time is right is even tougher.

It can often be easier for children and other family members to observe behaviors that indicate a loved one is ready for independent living at a retirement community rather than living alone. When you are ready to start considering a retirement community for your parent, we are here to help. 

While there is a lot to love about living at Proctor Place, we know it can initially feel like giving up the independence they cherish. We help residents stay independent as long as possible. We are here to provide residents with more freedom, not less.

If you are challenged with bridging the gap between what you believe is the best for the health and happiness of your parent and what he or she may want, our simple steps will make the process easier.

Step Back and Evaluate

As adult children of aging parents, it is easy for emotions to cloud good judgment. When they age, it is not unusual for parents’ family roles to change from caregivers to needing assistance. Instead of worrying, observe your parent’s situation to make a logical evaluation. 

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Consider Local Retirement Community Options

When it is clear your parent will benefit from a senior living community, help make the decision easier by exploring local options. Our next step provides a checklist to compare local options.

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Set the Story Straight

With helpful information in hand, it’s often best to narrow the options to those you believe will be a good fit for your parent. Then be ready to dispel myths and clear up preconceived notions your parent may have about living in a new environment like Proctor Place.

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Schedule a Tour

Get some hands-on experience together by touring the senior living communities on your short list. Getting familiar with each location and meeting the people there is a great way to know if there is a good fit.

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Understand The Health Benefits

There are clear health benefits inherent with living in at a retirement community, compared to living alone. We break it down.

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What To Do If Your Parent Refuses to Move

Once you have helped your parent understand the facts and tour the options, the final stage may be the toughest. Time to wait for a decision. If you believe strongly your parent needs to transition to a retirement community but you parent doesn’t agree, we can help.

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