Calculating Your Expenses

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Calculating the Benefits of Living Here

Life Care living can be more affordable than you may think. A good place to start is to have a good idea of your current living expenses. Here's an example of how the monthly costs add up to more than $25,000 per year when you live on your own.

$540   Meals (at $6 per meal)

$100   Paper and cleaning products

$200   Laundry and ironing

$250   Housekeeping

$200   Landscaping and maintenance

$250   Property taxes

$200   Homeowner's insurance

$370   Utilities (including water, sewer, and electric)


Total estimated monthly cost: $2,140

Calculate Your Expenses

Expense Amount
Meals $
Paper & Cleaning Products $
Laundry & Ironing $
Housekeeping $
Landscape & Maintenance $
Propery Taxes $
Homeowner's Insurance $
Utilities (water, sewer, electric) $
Other (additional costs) $
Total $