On-site Conveniences

On-site Conveniences

The Conveniences You Want Are Right Here

Take care of some of your personal errands by taking advantage of the on-site conveniences we offer. No need to battle traffic or the weather to take care of business. We bring it to you. 

On-site Conveniences

Hair and Nail Salon

You look fabulous! Stay in style at our on-site beauty salon. 

Our beauty salon offers services at reasonable rates. Our beauticians and barber are trained professionals with years of experience to ensure that you look your best. 

  • Precision hair cuts
  • Permanents and color
  • Shampoo sets
  • Manicures and pedicures

On-site Conveniences


Pamper yourself at the Proctor Place Spa.  You deserve it!

Our spa offers a variety of massage therapy options.  Schedule your appointment with our licensed massage therapist in the soothing environment of the Proctor Place Spa. 

On-site Conveniences

Fitness Center

As we grow older, staying fit and healthy becomes more important than ever.

Regular exercise can help boost energy and maintain your independence. Proctor Place's fitness center gives residents opportunities to start or continue an exercise routine.

  • Exercise Senior Style videos, six days per week
  • Easy Yoga and balance
  • Monthly dance group
  • Exercise equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes and a weight bench
  • Walking paths

On-site Conveniences

Front Desk

Not sure where to turn? Chances are our front desk staff can help.

Buy stamps, get the latest news and weather, sign up for off-site activities, and even reserve guest rooms for visitors. It's all in one place.

  • Buy stamps and drop off mail
  • Cash personal checks
  • Report maintenance needs
  • Reserve guest rooms for visitors
  • Get a schedule of the day's activities and events

On-site Conveniences

On-site Community Partners

Take care of personal business without spending an entire day running errands.

Our community partners provide services on-site at Proctor Place, freeing your time to enjoy life.

  • Southside Bank drops in once weekly for convenient management of personal finances, including: deposits and withdrawals, check cashing, opening new accounts or CDs, and account reconciliation.
  • The Peoria Public Library (PPL)will find the book you are looking for, and deliver it to our on-site library for checkout. Plus, the PPL regularly refreshes our stock of newspapers and books. 

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