Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Shop at The Proctor Place Gift Shop

Looking for a greeting card for someone special, some new jewelry or a quick snack? The Proctor Place gift shop has what you need.

This gift shop offers residents those little extras without the trouble of running to the store. Plus, the conversations while shopping initiate lifelong friendships and connect our residents. The gift shop is managed and staffed by resident volunteers, who are part of our Katherine Stone Service League (KSSL). The Proctor Place gift shop has more than simple conveniences and trinkets. Just some of the items available at the gift shop include:

  • Greeting cards and wrapping paper
  • Office supplies and household items
  • Candy and snacks
  • Books, gifts and holiday items

Bea Kent and Others Keep Busy in The Proctor Place Gift Shop

Bea Kent moved to Proctor Place in 2007, and has been busy in The Proctor Place gift shop ever since.  She and other residents work as a team to make the gift shop tick. Bea handles purchasing, with the greatly appreciated help of Sally Rhodes. Lucy Schmudde concentrates on books, Marjorie Gramm takes care of cards, Ruth Grose buys the sundries and Dot Bergstrom selects candy.

Bea treasures working in the gift shop because of the camaraderie and friendships developed over the years. In her words, these friendships are "very special and important." Bea also feels the gift shop gives her purpose and she enjoys serving Proctor Place residents. Cards and candy are top sellers, according to Bea. When a holiday is near, seasonal gift items also fly off the shelves.

So, the next time you want to do a little shopping without leaving the comfort of your home, remember, Proctor Place's senior living option is the place for you!

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