About Proctor

About Proctor

Life Care Retirement Community

Proctor Place is a Life Care retirement community that has served the Peoria area since 1906. It was founded by Peoria philanthropist John C. Proctor.

The original Proctor Home location was located on Spring Street, a few blocks north of downtown Peoria. In 1976, the Home was re-located to its current location on Reservoir Boulevard.

The Home is governed by the Trustees of the John C. Proctor Endowment and is operated in accordance with Mr. Proctor's Last Will and Testament. The Endowment is a not-for-profit organization. The Trustees, along with the Home's dedicated staff, are committed to the "Proctor Promise."

The Proctor Promise is a commitment to care for our residents for life. It is a pledge to put each resident's physical, mental, and emotional well-being first, every time. It is an assurance to make this a senior living home each resident values and enjoys. It is a dedication to grow, improve, and always make life here better for all.

It is our promise made to every resident since 1906, and a promise we will make to generations of future residents. We offer Life Care services which include dietary service, laundry, housekeeping, plenty of activities and nursing care for as long as residents live here.

The following is a list of significant events in the history of Proctor Place:

1843 John Cleveland Proctor arrives in Peoria at age 21

1850 Proctor Lumber Company opens for business on Water Street

1875 John Proctor begins a 31-year tenure as president of the First National Bank of Peoria

1883 John Proctor plays a key role in establishing Cottage Hospital (today Proctor Hospital)

1906 John Proctor builds the Proctor Endowment Home on Spring Street in Peoria, which opens with 20 residents

1907 John Proctor dies at Proctor Endowment Home at age 85

1907 John Proctor's will includes child day care for working women, including Proctor employees

1935 Proctor Endowment transfers ownership of Proctor Recreation Center to the Peoria Park District

1976 Proctor Place relocates to its current location on Reservoir Boulevard

1981 Proctor Place's new apartments open

1998 Proctor Place's new Shepherd's Way opens

2004 Proctor Endowment purchases property from Peoria Park District for a living unit expansion project

2006 Proctor Place opens the new Centennial apartments


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