What is Life Care?

What is Life Care?

Life Care Guarantees a Lifetime of Worry-free Living

Proctor Place Life Care helps you plan for a future that includes a comfortable home, independent living and unmatched healthcare for life.   

Whether you choose a one-time investment or monthly payments, Proctor Place Life Care puts the tough decisions of retirement behind you so you can live the joyful life you truly deserve.

All Proctor Place residents enjoy Life Care benefits, including: 

  • Comfortable residences with many options to fit your preferences.
  • Paid utilities including water, electricity and garbage services.
  • An on-site community of amenities, fun activities and events.
  • Three healthy meals per day plus snacks and beverages.
  • Home and grounds maintenance and repair.
  • Guaranteed Proctor Place healthcare available and ready whenever it's needed. 
  • Skilled and experienced nursing staff available 24x7.
  • In-room nurse call system for emergencies.
  • Transportation to medical appointments and weekly shopping trips.
  • Your rates, locked for life, so you can settle into a great life.