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Mary Gage

Mary Gage

From the time I was ten years old I wanted to be a nurse. Working as a nurse for so many years I saw firsthand the difference quality healthcare and a caring team could make in a person's life.

I worked several great places, but nothing compared to when I was a RN at Proctor Place. There was a level of compassion I found here that just did not exist other places. Now all these years later as a resident I have really learned to appreciate the joy of that compassion firsthand.


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Her aunts were nurses and one lived with her a while.  Mary grew up on a 23-acre farm in Pennsylvania.  So it's no surprise her  first patients were chickens. She loved caring for the chickens, and translated that caring spirit to later care for her patients at Proctor.

Mary met her husband Al while distributing Gospel of John tracts at the same park where he was holding a revival. His ministry career brought them to Peoria as Senior Pastor at Bethany Baptist Church. For years, Mary worked with hospitalized oncology patients. She has great compassion for their suffering.

The compassion and caring Mary personified was then, as it is today, exactly what Proctor Place looks for in team members. Long before Mary and Al moved to Proctor Place, Mary worked here as an RN.

Proctor Place is a great fit for employment and retirement living.

When she worked here, Mary didn't think she would live here someday. However, when she and Al were ready for senior living, she knew the Proctor Place story, from the inside out, and knew it was the perfect place for this happy couple to enjoy retirement.

One of the things Mary still likes best about living at Proctor is the ability to volunteer and help where possible. After all of these years, Mary is still using her compassion and caring to brighten the day of those around her.