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Marilyn Stamerjohn

Marilyn Stamerjohn

After years of housework, we were finally ready to retire from our chore list. It started to feel like it was taking all of our time and especially all of our energy, just to keep up with the day to day work that needed to be done at home.

Once we made the decision we started touring all the local senior living communnities in Peoria. After an extensive search it was clear to us there was one retirement community that stood out from the rest. This made it easy to decide to make Proctor Place our home.


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A few years ago, my husband and I decided we needed to retire from cooking, housekeeping, grass cutting, maintenance, yardwork, and snow removal.

Fred’s father had died shoveling snow, and I always thought about that when I watched Fred out shoveling. Things were just getting too difficult for both of us.

While playing bridge at Fondulac Park Building, we met Clark and Barb Seppelt. We were amazed by the huge sack lunches they brought, provided by Proctor Place. We were very impressed with the glowing reports through the Seppelts.

We visited the many retirement facilities in the area, but after our tour of Proctor, we decided it fit our needs the best. We got a call from Proctor Place that a room was available on the sixth floor, with a special view from the window facing East. Also, it’s where the library and computers are located, so we decided immediately we wanted that apartment.

Our children were relieved that they didn’t have to worry about us in our golden years because they knew Proctor Place was a good place and we would get great care.

Proctor is our home. We are very happy to be here.