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Dan and Jo Verbeke

Dan and Jo Verbeke

I'm visually impaired and my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. After a visit to a friend at the Veteran's Home 80 miles away I knew it was time to think ahead. I would not be able to make that drive and I wanted to be with my husband in the same senior living home.

Dan insisted he wanted to stay in our home, but after our visit to Proctor Place he liked what he saw and now as residents, we could not be happier about our decision.


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As we age, life changes, and we must alter our course. We were faced with this situation, and had to make a decision.

I’m visually impaired, and haven’t driven since 1998. My husband had a spinal cord compression leading to right-side weakness. He was then diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and further motor issues developed.

A friend drove us to LaSalle to see the Veteran’s Home where her husband was being cared for. Nursing home care is so very expensive, but 80 miles is a long trip, especially when I’ve had to depend on someone to drive if Dan was there.

We had a big multi-story house and large yard that required much hard work to keep up. Aging knees start to rebel when you repeatedly use them. We knew we were going to have to relocate.

I knew of Proctor through my employment and dealt with heathcare residents and staff. I admired the staff and realized the residents were well cared for. Another plus was that we’d be together when the time came for the skilled nursing facility.

Dan wanted to stay in our home, but when we made an appointment to see Proctor, he said, “I could live there.” It was the go-ahead needed!

We’re glad to be here. Great friends and many activities keep us busy. A stay in healthcare for Dan reinforced the reasoning that the move was a good one.