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Bill & Barb Sprick

Bill & Barb Sprick

Barb's brother-in-law who lived at Proctor Place would often remind us how much he enjoyed living at Proctor Place. Despite this, Barb and I live a busy life with no plan of slowing down so we were not sure we even needed to consider senior living yet. 

It was not until Art told us what a comfort everyone at Proctor Place had been when his wife, Ann's sister, had passed away that we realized we wanted to make sure we would also both have that same comfort. Now we understand that living here does not mean slowing down, it means adding to your family!


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“My large Proctor family helped me cope with the traumatic loss of Ann,” said Art. He was referring to the loss of his wife, who was also Barb's late sister.

That remark really grasped the attention of Barb and me. The probability of that kind of comfort was a reason for us to consider moving back to Peoria, from Tampa, to live at Proctor Place. We felt that we too, could find solace with friends and staff at Proctor.

Proctors biggest attraction is the simplicity of living here. All essential services are simply furnished and invisible to our routine living. There simply is no extra expense for food, laundry, necessary transportation, nursing care, living quarters, maintenance, utilities, taxes, etc. These are all simply paid for from our one upfront investment in our home.

We simply do not have to the leave our premises. Weather is never a concern.

There simply is no mandatory shopping or other living expenses or paperwork.

Our only responsibilities are hospital, doctor, medicine expenses and personal items and of course being there on time and giving them the laundry, etc. There is help for us to cope with our business and physical needs if we are handicapped or not. We have many entertainment and other activities.

Barb and I chose the Centennial building because we were still very self-sufficient and free to do whatever we want. Our living quarters are as large as our first home where we raised our three children. It is attractive and comfortable and it feels just like home.

While pondering our decision, Art called Barb and suggested we take a good and hard look at the financials. Mike Tomlin (Proctor Place Director of Finance) furnished us all the needed information to make a comfortable financial decision.

Most importantly, after all these years of raising three kids, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, keeping books, managing our family and its affairs, downsizing our parents and my sisters estates, I still feel that Barb has earned a Proctor lifestyle.

Oh, I just remembered, she still makes homemade cookies and pies for Caitlyn, Logan, Conor, Doug, Diane, Gary, Aaron, Nancy and Richard every time we get together.

We have lived here for six years and have no regrets. PROCTOR PLACE is OUR HOME.