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Is It or Isn’t It?

With the New Year, new calendars become available from banks, business, etc.  Their themes vary from animals, flowers to famous artists painting plus many other subjects.

We recently received the “Peoria Historical Calendar”.  In perusing the calendar, we turned to March which showed a picture of the old Brown’s Business College in downtown Peoria and a class of students typing.   The clothing and hairstyles screamed the fifties.  Since I had attended Brown’s in that time period, I began looking closely at the picture and lo and behold, there I was (I think)!  I said to my husband: “I think I am in this picture”.  After examining the picture, he said: “Of course that is you”.

So I dug out some old-young pictures of myself to compare. We are about 99% sure I am the person in the white outfit and DARK hair!  What a surprise!  I guess this means I am truly an antique!  Probably, this could be checked further by calling the publishers of the calendar to determine the date of the photograph. 

It appears both my husband and I qualify as “antiques” because he found his picture in the book “Peoria Entertainment, A Pictorial History” by Monica Vest Wheeler.  The picture shows a group of young people at a dance in the YWCA auditorium.  We were looking at books at a book store, and when we came across a picture taken at the “Y”, my husband said: “I used to go to dances there, I’ll see if I can find myself” and he did!  His hair has also changed.  In the picture he had hair!

Ms. Vest spoke at a meeting of the Optimist Club, where my husband was a member, so he had her autograph his copy of the book!

At this writing, we have received no royalties nor has anyone asked US to autograph our pictures!  Fame is so fleeting!