"B2 ... N5 ... Bingo!"

If you've played Bingo, you know the excitement of waiting and hoping to be the first to yell Bingo. What's more, Bingo is also a great exercise for your brain.

Research suggests playing bingo requires an active mind and good hand eye coordination. After all, it takes mental agility to scan your card for the right moment to yell "Bingo!"

Put your brain to work and join us for Bingo.

If you don't know how to get started, Proctor Place resident Lucille Henderson will help. When Lucille was looking for a retirement community in 2003, she chose Proctor Place. She recognized a great place to live, and a place that would care for her if she ever got sick. Today, it's normal to find Lucille calling bingo and encouraging others to jump in and join the fun.

Lucille will tell you Bingo is a great social time when everyone can relax and laugh with friends. Stop in to meet Lucille and you will be yelling Bingo before you know it.