Unmatched Privacy

Unmatched Privacy

Making Your Comfort Our Priority

Proctor Place's Shepherd's Way Healthcare Center offers residents the abilty to receive the highest quality of nursing and skilled nursing care. Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture to ensure the room continues to feel like home just as their independent apartment did. There is no need for friends or family to worry about moving their loved one's items to Shepherd's Way because we take care of that for them. We believe it is imperative to the health and well-being of our residents to feel as comfortable as possible so their comfort and care is our highest priority.

For those who prefer not to bring their own furniture we will gladly provide all they need. During our recent remodel new furniture was purchased for those who prefer to use our furniture while staying in Shepherd's Way. Whenever possible we help our residents return to living independently so we know many stays in healthcare are only temporarily. During times like this our residents find it helpful to have our furniture available for their use. There is no need to make a major move, they simply need to come make themselves at home while we work on helping them on the recovery process of getting back to their independent apartment.

Below is a picture of one of our Shepherd's Way rooms with the furniture provided by Proctor Place:

Both private and semi-private rooms are available for Proctor Place residents. Floor plans for Proctor Place's private Shepherd's Way rooms are provided below:

Giving You The Privacy You Need

At Proctor Place's senior living community we also understand when a person requires nursing care or skilled nursing care, it is critical to ensure the person is provided with the highest quality of care and compassion possible. This includes a strong focus on giving our residents as much privacy as possible.

Because of this our semi-private rooms also offer more privacy than most semi-private rooms at other senior living communities or nursing homes. Proctor Place uses a wall to separate the two living areas in a semi-private room rather than just using a curtain as many other nursing facilities do today. In most other retirement communities, nursing care or skilled nursing homes you will find two beds running parrallel next to one another with a curtain between the two beds. Not only does Proctor Place separate the two rooms with a wall, but we also make sure each bed is on opposite sides of the room providing each resident a larger room and increased privacy - and we know from over one hundred years of experience that at this stage of someone's life when they are facing changing health needs, privacy is critical.

Simply compare the difference in our semi-private healthcare rooms with other in the local area and you will quickly find why we know

It's Simply Better Here.

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