Consider Local Retirement Community Options

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Do Your Homework

Having conversations with your parent about retirement living is easier when you have answers to their questions. It’s a smart decision to compare local options and understand what is offered by each.

Questions to ask when evaluating a retirement community

  • How many meals per day are included in the cost?
  • Does the dining room have assigned seating?
  • When are dining services open, and what happens if someone misses a meal?
  • Are residents allowed to take food to their room if they do not want to eat in the dining room?
  • Are residents responsible for cleaning their own rooms?
  • How is laundry handled?
  • What services have additional costs?
  • What social activities are offered?
  • Are there processes to help new residents quickly become comfortable and make friends after moving in?
  • Is healthcare included? Is there an additional cost?
  • If healthcare is needed, are residents guaranteed a spot in the healthcare center? What happens if the healthcare center is full?
  • If a resident moves into an independent living option, and later wants to move to a different living option other than healthcare, is this allowed and is there an additional cost?
  • Is any transportation assistance provided? Is there an additional cost for transportation?