We Are at Your Service.

Need help? Our concierge is here to help when you're not sure where else to turn. This unique service is above and beyond what you will find with other retirement communities and is a convenience that our residents find helpful.

As we age, routine tasks become more challenging. We believe it's our job to provide a resident-focused and service-driven community. One way we deliver on that promise is through a concierge service. Our concierge routinely lends a helping hand with daily requests like: 

Filling out Paperwork

We help residents fill out and understand paperwork ranging from voter registration changes, public transportation passes, and more. We take the complexity out of paperwork to get everything taken care of.

Internet Assistance

We'll help navigate the internet to find online resources and information you are looking for and assist with using computers. The concierge is there to help manage most online issues and solve your computer problems.

Online Orders and Other Purchases

Our concierge will help with online purchases or make trips to the store. Simple requests like ordering new books and complex purchases like ordering a lift chair are all taken care of. No matter what, we'll make sure it's done right, and explained clearly so the experience is easy. 

Phone Calls

Understanding your phone or cable bill can be confusing for anyone! Making a call to a customer service line to get questions answered can go from simple to over-complicated in seconds. Our concierge is here to make that confusing call with you, to ask the right questions and get answers until you understand.

What's In the Mail?

Sorting through piles of mail to understand what's junk and what needs attention can be daunting. Our concierge is here, upon request, to help go through the mail and explain each piece. In some cases this means saving residents from writing unnecessary checks.

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