Family Stewardship

Family Stewardship

Family Stewardship for More Than 100 Years

Proctor Place is a nonprofit retirement community under the guidance of the Trustees of John C. Proctor Endowment.

The Trustees are led by Harry C. Stone II who serves as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Stone is a descendent of the John C. Proctor family. Proctor Place remains one of the few senior living communities in the Peoria area where the founder's family members have remained involved for over one hundred years. Over more than a century, the Stone family has continued a tradition of excellence started by  John C. Proctor in 1907.

Today, the Trustees operate the home based on the terms and conditions of Mr. Proctor's Last Will and Testament from 1907. The Endowment is a not-for-profit organization qualified as a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Endowment is not affiliated with any other organization.

The Trustees are elected for one-year terms and serve without compensation. The Trustees employ the Executive Team to manage the day-to-day operations of the Endowment and its assets, including Proctor Place. It is our priority to continue the tradition of excellence started by John C. Proctor more than 100 years ago. Together, the Trustees and Executive Team ensure Proctor Place continues to provide more to its residents than any other senior living or retirement home in the area.

At Proctor Place our family is focused on taking care of your family.

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